Exploring Slopes of Perpendicular Lines

On the Ed534 Math Curriculum Development weekly web meeting (Week 4), we were discussing Task 2 related to creating a Geogebra applet and I mentioned that I had recently created one for my Math 10 class around exploring the slopes of perpendicular lines within the context of systems of linear equations.  Unfortunately the applet is only on my course website, which requires an account, so I agreed to share it more publicly.  It isn’t possible to embed Geogebra applets in WordPress, therefore I can’t put it directly in this page.

So, I decided to throw together a wiki (http://mathemaction.wikispaces.com/) as a place to share my interactive resources.  I’m not sure I’ll stay with this solution, but for the time being it’ll have to do.

Here is a direct link to the Exploring Slopes of Perpendicular Lines applet created in Geogebra,  which includes a link to a short screencast tutorial on how to use the applet.


One response to “Exploring Slopes of Perpendicular Lines

  1. Blair,

    I think you can embed GeoGebra applet’s inot WordPress pages.

    This page:


    describes how.

    The trick is to have your WordPress post open in html view and save it that way. When you view the post you should see he applet working.

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