Blogging to Action??

Maybe I should have titled my site, ‘Blogging to Action’ instead of ‘Think to Action’.  However, I hope this will be one of the repositories for my thoughts in my ongoing professional development as an educator.  I see blogging as a form of active thinking by translating thoughts into concepts,  more concrete ideas or activities and one step on the process of bringing change to what I do.

As the saying goes:

“The only thing constant in life is change.”

So I plug on toward an endless goal of consistently being an educator that helps students explore and make connections to the world around them while realising their own potential to learn, develop skills and create meaning.

My primary interests in education surround teaching and learning of math and information technology.  I teach mostly junior secondary school courses (grades 8-10, 13-16 years of age) with experience in Math, ICT/Programming, Business (Accounting), Distance Learning and lately Science.  I’ve had the opportunity to teach and experience a different education system for 3 years in London (UK) in addition to this my 4th year here in the Greater Vancouver area (Canada).

I’ve been interested in blogging for a while, but the impetus to get going came from my participation in a Math Curriculum Development Course (ED534) being offered free online through P2PU (Peer to Peer University) by Maria Droujkova.  Hopefully, this is the start of a continued exploration of my professional development and thoughts on education – most importantly how they are translated into action.


Contribute Your Thinking

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